Why use a virtual waiting room?


Is your hosting elastic?

Elastic hosting is complicated and expensive. It requires your application to be scalable, and run on a platform that resizes based on demand.

For many businesses, this isn't possible perhaps due to legacy code or a lack of development time.

By directing traffic into Queue Software, we can send users through to your site at a controlled rate, keeping your infrastructure below breaking point.


Does your site stay fast?

Often, sites under heavy load will start to take an age to display - or worse: throw error messages to users.

Visitors are known to bounce after just a few seconds of waiting for a site to load. The results are even worse for error pages.

That being said, the novelty of being "queued" keeps users waiting to get through. When users get to your site, it's quick to respond and they can complete their purchase without further interruption.


Can you monetize downtime?

Downtime is embarrasing, especially during a sale. How do you handle that? Tweet out an apology?

While some customers will see our queue as the equivelant of downtime, you have the ability to completely customise the page that we show.

Use it to your advantage - add a coupon code, or advertise your products. Use your captive audience to your advantage!

Prepare for popularity

Don't let a spike in visitors catch you off gaurd! If your infrastructure can't scale quickly to cope with sudden load, give our service a try and see what we can do.